The Feralpi Group recognises the enhancement of professionalism and skills development for collaborators as essential for the company itself, and in the context of global economies.

This applies to today's collaborators, as well as tomorrow's. This is why we have created training courses and guidance for younger generationswhich include mentoring to accompany educational courses, dual work-education schemes, and higher education options.

Education and training are central to the Group's development. This also explains the continuous increase in per capita hours of training delivered by our companies over the years.

Our aim? To create a significant impact and value in the communities we engage with, starting with an increase in training. To nurture the abilities of our collaborators, with technical, managerial, business and even language courses.

This vision has resulted in some major projects:

Feralpi Bootcamp

For years the Group has been supporting training and guidance initiatives for younger generations, to facilitate their entry into the world of work and develop their awareness. We firmly believe that a proactive contribution to wellbeing is a company's social duty.


  • Educationfrom 8 to 29 years old
  • Technical college courses
  • Training activities

Academy Siderurgica

In this era of sharing, even higher education requires team work. Better still when the challenges being faced are coming as quickly as times change. Between targeted 4.0 skills and soft skills, modern training means investing for shared growth.

This is the theme linking the major Italian steel producers, Feralpi Group included, when it comes to training increasingly competent professionals. We emphasise the importance of investing in people to facilitate educational development, with an advanced training course that aims to develop soft skills, while supporting the development of a steelmaking network.

Academy Siderurgica


Recruiting new resources who can help the organisation to optimise its level of digitalisation is key for digital transformation. As a result, a Digital Fertilisation initiative was developed in conjunction with Brescia University, with the aim of developing a group of young people for the future and recruiting them in the Feralpi Group.

The project involved two phases:

6 months of training to envisage the future

teams coordinated by a university tutor and mentored by a company tutor in a high-level, dynamic and challenging course to present an innovative project.

months to implement the project most suitable for Feralpi

Those who took part were recruited by the Feralpi Group and work in company departments where they gradually integrated.

We're not stopping there though. Digital transformation isn't just a question of technology, but first and foremost of education. For this reason, we have organised a training course in conjunction with the populariser Rudy Bandiera, for all of the Group's employees in Italy, which focuses on the growth of digital awareness

Additionally, with the Feralpi Sider+  we are offering a specialist course designed to provide a thorough understanding of steel industry skills for personnel being recruited into the company.