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Isabella Manfredi
Chief Sustainability and Communications Officer

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Research & Development Department

Cosmo di Cecca
Group Research and Development Manager

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We are convinced that the success of a business is closely linked to the sustainable development of the context in which it operates, and that only the full involvement of stakeholders can enable a company to fully understand its 'purpose'.



The Feralpi Sustainability Network is an engagement initiative designed to meet the key requirement for the development of a sustainable business, i.e. have a network of stakeholders involved in nurturing ongoing dialogue with the Feralpi Group on sustainable development topics.

The network is open to all of the Group's external stakeholders: • shareholders and investors suppliers community organisations institutions and certification bodies media organisations voluntary sector market and industry Agentsuniversities and research institutes.

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Feralpi has always supported local organisations, trade associations, government departments and organisations, universities, educational and research establishments, sporting organisations and non-profit organisations.

Feralpi has identified the following focus areas:

Cura e salvaguardia dell’ambiente

Safeguarding and caring for the environment

Educazione, formazione e lavoro come strumenti di cambiamento

Education, training and work as tools for change

Inclusione sociale, attraverso sport e cultura e creazione di luoghi inclusivi; promozione della salute psicofisica dell’uomo e della sua sicurezza sul lavoro; sviluppo territoriale; emergenze globali.

Social inclusion through sport and culture, and the creation of inclusive spaces

Promozione della salute psicofisica dell’uomo e della sua sicurezza sul lavoro
Wellbeing and safety

Promotion of individual physical and mental wellbeing and safety at work

Sviluppo territoriale

Community development

Emergenze globali
Global emergencies

These six areas are accompanied by four specific areas to support artistic and cultural heritage, including culture as an educational tool, developing the culture of industry, providing education and information on the world of steel, and safeguarding the artistic and cultural heritage of the territory. These areas of action have been defined in line with the 7 pillars of the sustainability strategy and the 6 Global Development Goals selected by the Group.

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If you are a non-profit organisation, cultural organisation, educational establishment or government department in our community and want to involve Feralpi, or an individual company in the Group, in a joint project, or request help in supporting an initiative:

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