We have an ongoing commitment to developing trusting relationships with all of our stakeholders in line with their needs and priorities, using a Group approach that focuses on dialogue, collaboration and the value of partnerships.

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Every year we plan regular activities that involve internal and external stakeholders. We foster dialogue internally through sessions or focus groups with the Group's managers on specific subjects, and with key figures in the organisation. Externally we maintain dialogue and collaboration with institutions, the media industry, the local community, in addition to activities for schools and universities, with the aim of developing a work culture among young people, while adding value to the subject of entrepreneurship and raising awareness of the world of steel. Dialogue initiatives with our suppliers, customers and partners who are key to the sustainable development of the supply chain are a priority.


In 2020 we set up the Sustainable Dialogues initiative, consisting of a network of people interested in engaging continually with the Feralpi Group in relation to topics linked to sustainable development. This is because we are convinced that the success of a business is closely related to the sustainable development of the context in which it operates , and only the full involvement of stakeholders can enable a company to really understand its 'purpose'.

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What really matters to us: analysing materiality

To understand what really matters to us and our external stakeholders every year we update the materiality matrix. This is a key tool for identifying the most important economic, environmental and social aspects consistent with the company's business and sustainability strategy in line with GRI standards. This exercise enables us to set out those aspects which have a significant impact on the company's economic, social and environmental performance, or which may significantly affect the perceptions and decisions of stakeholders.  

Environmental indicators
Social indicators
  • Health and well-being

    Safeguard the wellbeing of the group's employees, through management designed to encourage healthy lifestyles and provide benefit to people in their daily lives.

  • Development and enhancement of people

    Ability to develop professionals by continually developing people's skills.

  • Safety culture

    Development of an internal culture that raises awareness on the importance of working safely and training for emergency situations, through specific actions and activities. Management and prevention of production risks that could impact employees, the community and surrounding environment.

Economic indicators
  • Product and service quality

    Ability of Feralpi to ensure high quality standards in terms of products and services provided, and therefore the development of customer relationships based on trust, which encourage loyalty and provide satisfaction with the service provided, and not just the product sold.

  • Digital and technological innovation

    Ability to create innovation through planned research, the development of new technologies and the promotion of initiatives and programmes aimed at digitalisation.

  • Economic sustainability and value generated

    Ability of the company to remain competitive on the market while complying with competition, economic and environmental standards, generating value for stakeholders.

  • Crisis management and smooth organisational processes

    Capacity for vision and continuous update of business processes so the company can adapt to changes underway relating to developing and maintaining a sustainable business.