How can research and development be applied in the steelmaking industry? Why carry out research in the world of steel?

Feralpi can answer these questions thanks to an R&D team supporting and coordinating innovative actions that are carried out in the Group's companies.

As a result, 'distributed' research acts as a driver to increase contributions to research activities, and supports development and skills in various areas. Five key areas underpin our research and development actions:

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  • Technological development that follows strategic company aims

    The main objective of research is to implement innovative technological development, using the best technologies available to pursue strategic company aims in terms of developing new products, improving processes and reducing environmental impact. This is mainly to identify timely innovative solutions that can strengthen the competitiveness of the Feralpi Group.

  • Supporting and developing technical skills

    We know that being able to count on proactive, qualified people is fundamental to success. Research projects can therefore be an excellent vehicle for training and increasing company knowledge, due to the expertise gained and the relationships formed with external research partners.

  • Integration in networks and research partnerships

    Research projects require specific contributions and research support from external organisations. This increases the potential for identifying new ideas and opportunities for developing specific subjects, and provides support in organising projects which may be complex.
    Feralpi promotes collaboration in a European research network, making it possible to monitor the current state of play in research, and identify partners that can support the participation of Feralpi in R&D projects, training and educational events.

  • Promoting collaboration between departments and the development of young people

    R&D activities stimulate the growth of young people in the company who, thanks to these actions, can be involved gradually, according to their skills in relevant topics, and engage with research partners and production departments.
    This constitutes a reason for training and professional development on specific projects, which can then be used in the various company roles allocated.

  • Obtaining funding to support innovative development

    The approval of national and European research grants recognises the technical level of activities carried out in these areas by Feralpi, and offers economic support to reducing industrial risk stemming from innovative activities.