The Feralpi Group deems market competition to be an essential driver of the company's ethical growth and competitiveness. As a result, Feralpi makes compliance with antitrust legislation a priority, and considers it to be an integral part of company culture. 

Giuseppe Pasini, Chairman


Antitrust legislation protects the mechanisms of market competition, incentivising companies to excel in the quality and cost effectiveness of their products, to the benefit of technical progress and customers/consumers.

With this in mind, the Feralpi Group and its employees are continually committed to complying with antitrust legislation.

To protect against failing to comply with anti-trust requirements, people must know how to identify the conduct and activities that could risk non-compliance, and if necessary contact the Antitrust Compliance Officer (ACO) immediately, who is appointed by the Group's managing director, to obtain clear instructions. The ACO ensures that information is circulated promptly, gives employees advice, promotes internal antitrust training, oversees a penalty, reward and whistleblowing system, in addition to checks regarding employees most at risk.

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Given the importance of the subject, Feralpi has prepared an Antitrust Compliance Policy to provide the Group's employees and all stakeholders with a reference tool. Click here to read our policy.