A Group's vision is its first true element of growth. Just as our steel is central to the projects for which it is destined, so, too, is our commitment to fostering sustainable progress based on effective, transparent and ethical governance.

At Feralpi we believe that to grow efficiently and continually, this vision must be pursued consistently over time, using every available resource.

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Code of Ethics

Consequently, we have a Code of Ethics which provides a reference tool for promoting, publicising and managing ethics at work and in business operations. The Code of Ethics expresses our commitments and ethical responsibilities in running the business, which are incumbent upon our collaborators, be they executives or employees.

We aim for sustainable growth by developing and producing quality products, seeking the best operating conditions for work performance levels. Everyone is held to comply with the Code and report any breaches, within the context of their working relationships in and with the Group.

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Code of conduct for non-listed companies

We have signed up to the Code of Conduct for Non-Listed Companies, promoted by the Italian Association of Family Businesses (AIDAF) and Bocconi University.

The Code sets out a modern governance system with benefits for all company stakeholders, in particular managers, employees, customers, suppliers, financiers and banks, in addition to shareholders not involved in management operations.

Furthermore, the principles for governing non-listed family businesses have enabled the Group to establish a progressive corporate governance system which correctly balances powers and responsibilities within the company's governing bodies.

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Governance Model

The Governance Model is a set of principles, rules, procedures and controls that the company has adopted on the basis of a risk assessment relating to business operations, to prevent the offences listed in legislative decree 231/01.

The model identifies the responsibilities of individuals and, by safeguarding the company overall, protects everyone else in the company who is working in accordance with rules and legislation.

Sustainability, risk prevention in the workplace, safeguarding the environment and sharing values are the principles that form the basis of the responsibility the Group wishes to demonstrate in all aspects of its conduct, thanks to the application of the Governance Model.

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Supervisory Bodies

The Board of Directors appoints the Supervisory Board and the Sustainability Committee, under the guidance of the Chair of the Feralpi Holding Board of Directors.

Critical issues that arise from the activities within the remit of the Supervisory Board and the Sustainability Committee are reported to the Board of Directors, in accordance with the Governance Model drawn up in compliance with legislative decree 231/2001.

As at 31 December 2019, the Group has eight Supervisory Bodies operating at Feralpi Holding, Feralpi Siderurgica, Acciaierie di Calvisano, Nuova Defim, Feralpi Profilati Nave, Fer-Par, Presider and MPL.

Sustainability Committee

Since 2014, governance in relation to sustainability has been overseen by the Sustainability Committee, which supports the Board of Directors in preventing corporate and environmental risks, and has a strategic role for defining the Group's sustainability policies. Its role is therefore to advise and support the Feralpi Holding Board of Directors, which is informed directly by the Chair of the Group.

The Feralpi Group envisages that the role and tasks of the Sustainability Committee will evolve as part of the increased interaction of sustainability in the company's core business, and in line with increasing market requirements in terms of non-financial information.

Auditing Firm

Our statutory audit is carried out by an external auditing firm, as stipulated in current legislation and standards.