We are an international Group, providing products and services that reflect the value of every Feralpi company.

The companies that belong to the group create that special synergy which sets us apart from other companies operating in the steel industry. We call it outlook - a vision that unifies the approach of our companies, and results in unique products and services.

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  • Acciaierie di Calvisano
  • Caleotto
  • Feralpi Siderurgica
  • Metallurgica Piemontese Lavorazioni
  • Nuova Defim Orsogril
  • Presider


  • ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH
  • Feralpi-Logistik GmbH
  • FERALPI STAHLhandel GmbH


  • Presider Armatures

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Acciaierie di Calvisano

Acciaierie di Calvisano

Via Kennedy, 101/A
25012 Calvisano (BRESCIA), Italia

(+39) 030 9688811
(+39) 030 9968173

This is the heart of the Feralpi Group's special steels division. The billets produced are destined for numerous value chains, both through integration within the group with Caleotto, and targeting the national and international market to supply rolling or moulding processes.

Constant qualitative improvement is the aim of the ongoing professional investment and capital expenditure required to drive and support the growth of the Group.



Via Arlenico, 22 - 23900 Lecco

(+39) 0341 27 86 11

Caleotto is the Feralpi Group company which makes wire rod made of quality steels produced by rolling billets from Acciaierie di Calvisano. By reclaiming centuries-old manufacturing tradition in Lecco, the company serves national and international markets with the highest standards in terms of products, processes, services and support.

Be it the management of technical/production data and the product lifecycle, production planning, traceability of the logistics chain, planning deliveries and transport, Caleotto excels with maximum efficiency to deliver a high-end product and service.

Feralpi siderurgica

Feralpi Siderurgica

Via Carlo Nicola Pasini, 11
25017 - Lonato del Garda (BRESCIA), Italia
(+39) 030 9996.1
(+39) 030 9132786

Feralpi Siderurgica, where the Feralpi Group is based, is a national and European leader in the production of rebar, smooth and ribbed wire rod, stretched round bar, drawn wire and welded wire mesh for use in the construction industry.

The company has cutting-edge equipment, and uses electric arc furnace technology with a continuous casting system to produce billets to supply rolling mills.

Metallurgica Piemontese Lavorazioni

Metallurgica Piemontese Lavorazioni

Metallurgica Piemontese Lavorazioni (MPL) operates in the structural steelwork sector. By partnering designers, major Italian structural steelwork companies, and leading construction companies, the company provides customers with modern equipment for cutting, drilling and smoothing rolled beams. Products provided include welded, studded, sandblasted, painted and galvanised beams.

A large warehouse also contains a wide range of angular profiles in standard trade lengths or made-to-measure and drilled. An internal technical department can meet all design requirements, and provide technical advice required by customers specialising in the sector.

Cold drawn steel
Nuova Defim Orsogril

Nuova Defim Orsogril

Via dell’Industria, 199 – int. 1
22040 Alzate Brianza  (COMO), Italia

(+39) 031 33521
(+39) 031 3352138

This company is a European leader specialising in the production of special welded wire mesh and gratings carrying the Orsogril brand, fencing and gates for civil, professional and industrial use. Efficient service and excellent technical customer support complete a product range that is unique in terms of variety, quality and design.

Nuova Defim Orsogril combines the experience of tradition with technological innovation, including the latest alarmed fences and solutions made of Corten steel.

Cold drawn steel


Strada del Francese 13/17
10071 – Borgaro Torinese (TO)

(+39) 011 4078201

Presider is proof of the Group's ability for downstream verticalisation and its proximity to the infrastructure market through its four sites situated in Borgaro Torinese (Turin), Nave (Brescia), Pomezia (Rome) and Paris, operating at a national and international level to provide specialist supplies for the building industry.

Thanks to highly automated and computerised cutting-edge systems, the company supplies and installs pre-shaped rebar, standard and customised welded wire mesh, and designs, produces and installs ready-assembled elements on site, such as framework for masts, pillars, slurry walls, pre-cast segments for tunnel boring operations, rods, plinths and any type of reinforcement, even with unusual profiles.

Presider can also develop technical solutions to speed up on-site production processes, according to its delivery schedules and customer requirements, using advanced BIM (Building Information Modelling) software.
The four production plants are located in Borgaro Torinese, near Turin, Maclodio, near Brescia, Pomezia, near Rome, and Paris, amounting to a total a surface area of 73,000 m2.

Cold drawn steel
ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH

ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH

Gröbaer Straße 3
01591 Riesa, Germany

(+49) 3525 749-0

ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH is the largest FERALPI STAHL company. Based in Riesa in Saxony, it specialises in the manufacture of high-performance steel products destined for the construction and infrastructure market. The German plant is integrated downstream for the production of cold-worked derivatives. All plants are in scope for ongoing investment, with the specific aim of achieving increased productivity combined with maximum environmental efficiency.

Feralpi Logistik GmbH

Feralpi Logistik GmbH

Gröbaer Straße 1
01591 - Riesa- Germany

Ralf Schilling
Managing Director

Frank Noack
Transport Manager/ Disposition Manager

(+49) 3525 749-1550

Heike Petrick

(+49) 3525 749-187

Michael Engelhardt

(+49) 3525 749-243 

Sebastian Gahner

(+49) 3525 749-1551 

Peter Stieber

(+49) 3525 749-182 

Sandra Braun

(+49) 3525 749-282 

Anne Räbiger
Back Office

(+49) 3525 749-2126 

Feralpi-Logistik GmbH is the FERALPI STAHLhandel GmbH transport company. It was established in 2008, and delivers the Group's steel in Germany and abroad, on a daily basis. With a solid market position, it can count on modern equipment and a large fleet of vehicles to meet any requirements with speed and flexibility. This fleet is continually upgraded according to the latest legislation, consistent with the Feralpi Group's vision of providing a service which is not only efficient, but which also respects the environment.



Gröbaer Straße 3
01591 Riesa, Germania

Ralf Schilling
Amministratore Delegato

Bettina Behrendt

(+49) 3525 749-222

Elke Hershner

(+49) 525 749-221 

Edwin Schön
Distribuzione Ufficio Aichach

(+49) 8251 51011

Yvonne Kießling
Back Office

(+49) 3525 749-228 

Anke Lösche
Back Office

(+49) 3525 749-236 

Kerstin Obstoy
Back Office

(+49) 3525 749-180 

Ina Rosenmeier
Back Office

(+49)3525 749-235 

FERALPI STAHLhandel GmbH supplies the Group's products in Europe, from its headquarters in Riesa and the Aichach branch (Bavaria). It is the link between demand and steel production at the German site. FERALPI STAHLhandel meets all requirements with expertise, professionalism and a wide range of products for the numerous applications of our steel, and this applies to standard or customised products alike.

Cold drawn steel
Presider Armatures

Presider Armatures

20 Route de Montge,
77165 Saint-Soupplets, Francia

+33 (0) 16 06 14 833

Presider Armatures transpired as a result of Presider's considerable experience and ability to pick up on opportunities in the infrastructure market in France. The site covers a total area of 37,000 m², and has the facilities to produce specially made steel products on site, and distribute them to French infrastructure projects.

Cold drawn steel


V Pískovně 2056 CZ 278 01
Kralupy nad Vltavou Repubblica Ceca

(+420) 315744222
(+420) 315744222

Feralpi Praha Sro has its headquarters in Kralupy, and produces welded wire mesh and drawn products in coils and bars for use in the construction industry in Eastern Europe. The company holds the certification required to supply the markets in Slovakia, Germany and Austria, in addition to the domestic market.



Feralpi-Hungária Kft.
Terelő u. 10. (Csepel Művek ipari zóna)
H-1211 Budapest

(+36) 1-427-08-77

Richárd KAPÁS
Company Manager
(+36) 30-748-0122

(+36) 30-537-9622

Back Office
(+36) 20-258-6742

The Hungarian subsidiary of the Feralpi Group is located in the industrial area of Csepel in Budapest. The Feralpi Hungary Ltd. produces Welded meshes, Cold rolled coils and Reinforcing steel bars. And distributes the company’s hot rolled products.

Cold drawn steel
Feralpi Algérie

Feralpi Algérie

Boulevard de la Soummam 5
Hai El Amir – Oran – Algeria

(+39) 030 9996.1
(+39) 030 9132786


Feralpi Algérie serves the North African construction market with quality products and longstanding expertise. Be it a large public infrastructure project or a private building plan, traditional architecture or cutting-edge designs, Feralpi Algérie is the preferred point of contact for anyone requiring high-grade steel, quick delivery and extensive choice.