Steel is the heart of infrastructure. Its strength and mechanical characteristics make it essential in private and public developments. 

This is why at Feralpi we're proud of being able to bring our experience, commitment and passion to every area that needs it.

To do this to the best of our ability we follow a Governance Model that clearly defines roles, responsibilities and scope of action. This has resulted in two large business units - one dedicated to construction steel and the other to special steels.

Our governance model also supports a Business Strategy that is underpinned by the five pillars:


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Construction steel

Every construction is based on two elements - the design and the material supporting it.

Feralpi products combine strength and durability, contributing to the implementation of projects throughout the world.

We are at the service of residential, industrial and civil engineering projects, with particular focus on large developments.

For over half a century we have been serving prefabrication and construction companies, profiling and processing centres, international traders and merchants, companies working on large procurement contracts and general contractors.

Thanks to an integrated organisation and numerous facilities, our Group provides hot and cold rolled long products, and a pre-shaping and pre-assembly service to meet design specifications, which includes on-site installation.  

Our companies in Italy and abroad operating in the Group's traditional market, i.e. construction, are part of the Construction Steel business unit.

Special steels

Customised steel - something to fit every project and its requirements.

Serving numerous industries, from engineering through to the automotive sector, to the best of our ability, means making quality and flexibility two lines of development that guide our strategy and investment.
Consequently, we have fully optimised the production of wire rod in high quality steels, providing customers with the highest standards in terms of products, processes, services and support.

We add value to structural and architectural design with a pre-treatment service for beams and rolled products, giving substance to the ideas of designers and major construction companies in Italy and abroad, and shaping large structural steelwork projects.

Diverse products

We provide the national and international market with wire mesh and fencing solutions.

We are the only European company specialising in the production of welded wire mesh made of special steels, in addition to fencing, gates and cladding for civil, professional and industrial use. We do this with a range that is unique in terms of variety, quality and design.