Developing systems and plants to improve the performance of processes and safety.

We work hard to improve our plants, mainly with activities designed to manage scrap in the operating and LF correction phases, including casting and rolling, while considering the entire production chain.

In this regard, the concept of internalising external expertise is fundamental, especially for the improvement of plants to increase process efficiency and implement an Industry 4.0 logic, simulation and digitalisation to increase the ability to monitor and control the production process, with an increase in the repeatability of results to avoid out-of-process situations.

The main actions concern:

  • Implementing new components to improve efficiency, performance, automation and safety
  • Developing self-adaptive monitoring and control systems for processes in line with an Industry 4.0 logic, to continually maintain optimal process conditions
  • Developing process knowledge and simulations to apply changes to operational practices for process efficiency
  • Increasing the number of people in the team who are dedicated to studying process monitoring and optimisation
  • Integrating support from external research bodies and consultancy firms
  • Developing new technologies in collaboration with technological system partners, including innovative and/or pilot sections with testing carried out directly in production departments
  • Implementing solutions


StelPro4.0, iSlag

Mindful of the need to implement the improvements to be considered, completing all aspects of the projects involved means including plant engineering actions, process simulations, and self-adaptive monitoring and control systems, along the entire production chain.

For Feralpi, this means proceeding with a modern production line.

Feralpi's main actions concern:

  • Developing plants
  • Developing measuring systems
  • Developing process simulation systems to optimise operations
  • Developing real-time process and product control systems.