Our Group has always felt closely connected to the area where it started, and among the communities where it grew.

In one respect we are an integral part of local development, with the social and economic responsibilities that this brings, and in another we support a process of growth and environmental, social and cultural conservation.

This means we work with government departments, institutions, associations and the voluntary sector to create shared value, by devising new projects together that are linked by a common theme - culture and the community.

Local communities are connected to the development and sustainability of every Feralpi company. This is why it's important to play an active role in local organisations and institutions.

Areas of intervention


Safeguarding and caring for the environment


Education, training and work as tools for change


Social inclusion through sport and culture, and the creation of inclusive spaces

Salute e sicurezza
Wellbeing and safety

Promotion of individual physical and mental wellbeing and safety at work


Community development

Emergenze globali
Global emergencies

Artistic and cultural heritage

Culture is the real tool for training, education and growth. This is why we promote publicising and safeguarding artistic and cultural heritage in the community.

Our Group helps to support local communities, with special focus on the development of inclusive, safe, lasting and sustainable environments.

Numerous projects have been set up with this in mind, even in 2020, and include the following:

Fondazione Brescia Musei

Feralpi supports this organisation to advance and promote artistic heritage and cultural events


Business training course at Brescia University.


The creation of three steel sculptures to artistically honour jubilee celebrations in Riesa.


Sport is essential for our Group - inclusion starts in sport.

Our support to benefit the community also means a commitment to local sport. We are of the strong belief that playing sport helps young people to develop empathy, by learning rules of conduct, discipline and fair play, and taking ownership of the behaviour required for developing into men and women.Football, cycling, rugby, canoeing and skiing are just some of the sports that the Group's companies promote and support in their local community.

In particular:

Feralpi Siderurgica

Feralpisalò, Virtus Feralpi Lonato, Football Club Dilettantistico Acc. Feralpi, Gruppo Ciclistico Feralpi, Gruppo Ciclistico Feralpi Monteclarense, Feralpi Triathlon.

Acciaierie di Calvisano

Rugby Calvisano and the Calcio Calvina Sport association

ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi

Major sponsor of the youth football training centre in Riesa, the Fussball-Akademie and the BSG Stahl Riesa team.


Giovanni Franzoni, a young Italian skier competing in the World Cup.