Developing Industry 4.0 applications and digitalization to control and optimise processes

The application of digitalization and Industry 4.0 systems in general have constituted an ongoing, overall effort to improve process monitoring and control. Proper monitoring is necessary for controlling and increasing process repeatability.

The main actions involve:

  • Developing automation systems to gather and display data along the entire production chain
  • Implementing new measurement systems dedicated to specific aspects and parameters, such as product dimensions, profiles, internal and surface analyses.
  • Developing product labelling and tracing systems.
  • Developing digital twin logic and ongoing process simulation for the determined estimation of technological phenomena or unmeasurable aspects.
  • Implementing advanced, self-adaptive monitoring and control systems capable of self-learning from the results of processes to improve their own performance.
  • Developing parameter measurement systems and innovative processes to collaborate in the self-learning of control systems
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WireAccuracy, SteelPro, Quality Integration, PerMonList, islag

There are numerous case studies of projects and applications developed, and being developed. In addition to being methods for monitoring their own processes and contributing to improvement, these systems have additional benefits, such as:

  • An increase in process analysis capability
  • The implementation of knowledge and internal collaboration of technologies, thereby increasing process forecasting and calculation capability
  • Opportunities for monitoring processes via KPIs
  • The application of process guidelines for making corrections when the process representation has irregularities
  • The use of supply chain logic, or consideration of surrounding process phases that could affect decisions regarding processes that are underway
  • Self-adaptive and self-learning criteria for adaptation to the new process conditions identified.

This is how we wish to establish ourselves at the highest levels of innovation for Industry 4.0 systems applied in the steel industry.