Planning and supporting the social, physical and psychological wellbeing of anyone working in our Group, and maintaining it over the long term.

This is an ongoing objective because we believe that values such as trust, involvement, motivation, flexibility and engagement are necessary for a modern, competitive company.

The workplace - for us this is a place for promoting good health

Health is a priority, in the workplace just as much as in a person's private life. We have been involved in the European Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) project since 2013, designed to support companies wanting to invest in the health and wellbeing of employees.

We set up 29 good practices organised into six areas of action:


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WHP (Workplace Health Promotion)

Local alliance association

In Italy we are also active in a local alliance association, sponsored by the Lombardy Regional Government since 2010, to set up actions to support local work-life balance policies.