Developing sustainability and reducing the Group's environmental impact

Environmental sustainability topics in steel production constitute core subjects, because we believe in the development of zero-impact steelmaking, using recycling opportunities as much as possible.

As a result, we apply global action to all aspects that can achieve this aim, with the awareness that integrating people, processes and information can optimise the cycle to meet this requirement.

Furthermore, we steer our strategies towards sustainable models, by networking with industry partners and players, and national and international institutes, with particular focus on the targets set out in the European Green New Deal initiative.

The main actions involve:

  • Developing systems and operations to decarbonise and recover any CO2 produced
  • Developing a circular economy logic, by reusing company products and external applications, and reusing waste from other phases in the production cycle
  • Developing methods to recover metal materials from oxides to facilitate internal reuse in the production cycle
  • Reducing energy consumption and recovering energy for subsequent use (e.g. to generate steam, electricity or district heating)
  • Developing systems to continually monitor environmental performance through a dedicated platform.
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SteelZeroWaste - islag

The Steel Zero Waste initiative is the practical application of these concepts in a funded project that commenced in 2020, and requires the significant commitment of different research partners for this purpose