The skills and commitment of our people make us a protagonist in the steel industry. We protect this value by offering them a safe, inclusive, and stimulating workplace that enriches the community through the growth of both individuals and the company.

Social scorecard



We love our work and the people who carry it forward with passion and commitment because we recognize in them a key factor for the success and transformation of the company and the territories in which it operates. We feel like a community that shares a work culture, values, and goals: we believe that inclusion, the enhancement of personal talents, and workplace safety are the starting point for creating shared and long-lasting well-being. Inside and outside our companies.


Results achieved

Enhancement of talent

The development of skills is one of the fundamental elements for our continuous evolution. Talent attraction and training programs are key elements of the Group's success.


Attracting talent to meet new needs

Ensuring individuals have paths for professional growth means ensuring the company has perspectives for innovation. 
To attract new talent, we have developed 8 different recruitment and selection formats. 
Our goal is to integrate young talents into our organisational system, offering them the opportunity for professional growth. 
Each program addresses specific needs: the Technical Graduate Program targets recent engineering graduates to develop specialised skills; the Operation Graduate Program aims to strengthen technical skills and soft skills necessary for teamwork. Additionally, we have launched Sider+ and Sider+ Advanced to transfer basic and intermediate technical skills, Future4Steel and ITS Mechatronics to offer highly professional training, as well as special recruitment projects for specific professional profiles. We also engage in meetings with students to promote awareness of career opportunities in the steel industry. 

Diversity and inclusion

We make no distinction. Individual uniqueness is an absolute value for us, without any distinction of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or abilities. Our company culture - enshrined in the Code of Ethics - promotes inclusion, gender balance, and collective responsibility.

Steel fist against the stereotypes

During 2023 we have promoted and taken part in numerous events and training programs aimed at strengthening the culture of inclusion.




Workplace safety

Safety of workers is a primary and indispensable objective. We invest in cutting-edge technology and continuous training to promote a culture of safety within our facilities.

We Are Safety: la sicurezza è affare di tutti

In 2023, the We Are Safety project involved - from management to workers - in a training path to strengthen the safety culture.




Us, part of a community

We are a community of people who share the ambition to produce and grow while respecting humans and the environment; creating shared value and contributing to the development of well-being in the territories where we operate and to the achievement of the sustainable development goals identified by the UN. 

A challenge that is only possible by collaborating with all partners along the value chain to build a new model of sustainable production.

The value chain: from raw material to products


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