We operate in line with our Code of Ethics according to principles of Transparency and Honesty. We comply with the tenth Global Compact principle, undertaking to tackle corruption in all its forms.

We aim to strengthen prevention, in order to eliminate active and passive corruption and ensure compliance with anti-corruption legislation and best international practices.

The Model adopted by the Group's Italian companies, which is based on legislative decree 231/2001, can be referenced for information on corruption in public administration and between private parties.

The methods for managing sensitive operations and the corresponding responsibilities are outlined in various procedures and refer to the supervisory bodies for each company.

All Italian companies have an internal procedure governing public administration relationships to accompany Governance Model 231/2001 and the Code of Ethics.

For example, this procedure is applied by assigning powers to delegate, sign and access accounts to specific executive roles only, and for specific transactions.

Companies that directly participate in public tenders provide specific training for personnel to prevent acts of corruption between private parties.

Employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers and any other party that has a relationship with the company may report suspected or known breaches of legislation, the Code of Ethics, the Anti-Corruption Model and/or Governance Model, even anonymously, in accordance with legislative decree 231/01.