We are convinced that training is essential for the development of personnel working in all of the Group's facilities.

Selection and training activities are combined with career and development programs to nurture professionals and skills through targeted courses.

Internal training plans focus on technical currency, managerial development, and prevention and improvement projects relating to the environment, and health and safety. These are the drivers of growth.

Courses for young people

What about young people? Our growth strategy has new generations . at its very core.

We support the professional development of young people and try to contribute to the development of the areas and countries where we operate, both in Italy and abroad.

Some of our initiatives include:

Advanced training to nurture talent

We invest in talent. This is why we nurture an internal culture for growth, with proactive involvement in various higher education courses such as:

  • Master's in Industrial Maintenance

    Our industrial facilities constitute an asset for the business, and they must be managed correctly. For this reason we develop the skill set required to maintain and improve the value and competitiveness of our Group. The master's course is delivered jointly by the Milan Polytechnic Graduate School of Business and the Bergamo University School of Management.

  • Master's in Business Management and Innovation

    Wide-ranging skills are required to manage the competitive landscape, which is increasingly characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. This means that an integrated and strategic vision of business management is vital, along with solid managerial skills. This is why our training programmes include the Master's in Business Management and Innovation organised by ISFOR, developed with the support of Associazione Industriale Bresciana, and in collaboration with Brescia University.

  • Metal University

    Systems and technological assets are qualifying determinants in the world of metal, but not always sufficient. The quality and potential of people are essential factors for fully expressing the potential of assets. We set our sights on people with considerable potential, to oversee and develop the technological processes that are essential to the business, while focusing on processing and transforming metal according to Industry 4.0 principles. The Master's course is a result of a partnership between AQM, Isfor and Riconversider.