Transparency, dialogue and collaboration are the principles that underpin every relationship of value between us and our partners, be they suppliers or customers.

In terms of supplies, we continually monitor risks that could affect final product quality, such as receiving unsuitable supplies or even the selection of suppliers, whether they are third-party companies operating on our premises, or suppliers of technologies and systems we work with on joint projects. From our suppliers of scrap metal, which is fundamental for a continuous quality supply, through to major international energy companies, which are essential for safety, continuity and support in monitoring changing market conditions, we are responsible for each of these chains.

We ask suppliers to sign and agree to the Group's Code of Ethics, with the promise to join us in our commitment to observe its values and principles, and to ensure their employees and collaborators are familiar with its contents.

Our commitment to raising supplier awareness also involves actions to gather information on aspects relating to quality, the environment, health and safety, and ethics, in addition to specific actions of engagement to understand expectations and requirements along the entire supply chain.

Innovation, quality, sustainability and diversification are necessary for covering increasingly aware and informed niche markets, picking up on new business opportunities, and preventing risk. Our objective is to establish long-term relationships with our customers, while considering the values, community and environment in which they operate.

The CRM system is not only linked to commercial strategy, it is also incorporated within company processes and the Group's culture, placing the focus on the customer in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships. We have a widespread distribution network covering the national and international market, with integration and synergy between the various companies in the Group according to their position along the value chain, from production through to use.