Investing in training and skills.

Management 4 Steel is the name of the first project by Academy Siderurgica, and is the result of a partnership between ASONEXT SPA, Duferco Italia Holding, the Feralpi Group and the Pittini Group. This innovative initiative goes beyond individual company characteristics to create a shared course on specialist training, cross-cutting knowledge and soft skills.

Specialist training for internal collaborators

The Management 4 Steel project commenced officially on 4 October 2019, with the aim of developing a management culture while facilitating the creation of a network in the world of steel - an ecosystem in which training, skills, professionalism and the needs of innovation (Industry 4.0 included) represent a fundamental, priority and undeniable requirement.

The training sessions were carried out in Brescia and Verona, and were structured with the aim of developing new skills through an interactive approach, with special focus on Industry 4.0 principles. By including an analysis of business scenarios, process planning, communication techniques and problem-solving methods, the Management 4 Steel course looked to a future that focuses on collaboration and knowledge sharing as competitive drivers.

The first edition of the Management 4 Steel course was completed after ten months, and the participants presented their work to the various company representatives remotely, demonstrating the skills acquired in modules which included organisational and soft skills. Following the successful completion of the first edition, the partners are exploring how to repeat the initiative in 2021.





Training hours


Work locations (Brescia/Verona)


ISFOR Formazione & Ricerca, division of Fondazione AIB Formazione Continua,
and Officina Pittini Formazione