A walkway over the world at the highest point of one of the most iconic buildings of the third millennium in Milan.

Everybody knows it as the 'Curve'. The name is symbolic. We're talking about the PwC Tower, given the name due to its unique design and structure, which stands out with its concave movement, which develops as the height increases towards the crown at the top. The tower is 175.5 m in height with 34 levels in total (28 floors), and has a total area of 33,500 m2.

The creativity of the architect Daniel Libeskind was inspired by Brunelleschi’s domes of the Italian Renaissance and Michelangelo's Pietà Rondanini, to design the third high-rise building in the Citylife district of the Lombardy city.

The customer entrusted this major project to Nuova Defim Orsogril with the aim of creating a walkway on the upper part of the tower, using a grating that meets both aesthetic and capacity requirements.

The grating fitted well into the design, but we weren’t stopping there.

The differentiating factor, combined with the quality of the product, was the technical support provided by the company to jointly design, produce and deliver all 600 panels with an aperture of 33x33 mm made of 30x3 mm flat bar, covering a total area of approximately 1000 m².

“This project involved us across different departments. From the design phase onwards we liaised with the customer to develop every single panel ad hoc, meeting the technical specifications requested and the delivery timescales during the different site phases. It was a challenge, but having contributed to the construction of an innovative and symbolic building for the city has more than repaid our efforts. Looking at the view of the new Milan from that observation point is truly amazing.”

Tiziano Gatti, sales manager of Nuova Defim Orsogril