A continuity-based approach. Feralpi Group has published its third Voluntary Consolidated Non-Financial Statement continuing the reporting approach that commenced in 2004 with the first Sustainability Report, and progressed in 2019 with the first voluntary NFS, anticipating alignment with legislative decree no. 254 of 30 December 2016 to provide its stakeholders with comparable elements and thereby enable more transparency in relation to social, environmental and economic issues.




This document is split into sections based on ESG criteria, with content on management & strategy, environmental and social topics. The report contains the Group's commitments, risks and methods for managing them, in addition to solutions to ensure ongoing improvement. Clearly the main actions that featured in 2021 are reported. 


Environmental issues 

On the environmental side, 93% of production comes from recycled steel. Waste for recovery, recycling or reuse amounted to 89% of the total waste produced from steel manufacture, therefore 9 and 8 percentage points more than in 2020 and 2019, respectively. 

The main highlights include performance linked to containing emissions. As regards the finished product, the intensity of emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2 Location-Based) for hot processes was 0.30 tCO2/t (against 0.35 tCO2/t finished product in 2019). Indirect Scope 2 emissions from electricity (location-based) amounted to 522,453 tCO2eq, therefore -10.35% compared with 2019.


Economic and social issues

The company's social role encapsulates a wide-ranging commitment to the internal and external community. Internally, the Feralpi Group closed 2021 with a total workforce of 1749 people (94% on a permanent contract) and a recruitment rate of 14.1% (against 10.8% in 2019). Considerable focus was placed on training (24,819 hours of training, +6.9% compared with 2019), which was not just technical: over 150 hours were dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion matters, an area in which the Feralpi Group is involving all of its companies. 

With regard to local communities, the Feralpi Group has given more than 3.5 million euro through donations and sponsorship schemes. 25.4% of turnover (click here for financial data) was attributable to local suppliers. 

In 2021 the Feralpi Group generated total gross added value equivalent to 387 million euro. The net value for stakeholders amounted to 336.2 million euro. The breakdown of total net added value saw the highest concentration in the consolidation of capital (47%), followed by workforce remuneration (26%) and public administration (25%). 3.9 million euro went to financial backers.


Governance issues

Feralpi has had an internal Sustainability Committee responsible for overseeing sustainable development since 2014.

As part of the organisation's increasing alignment with the Group's ESG objectives, in 2021 two new departments were set up at Group level in addition to the Sustainability & External relations dept., namely the Ecology & Energy Transition dept. and the HSE dept., which both report to the Group's chairman and the Executive Director. 

When fully operational in 2022, these departments aim to support the definition of Feralpi's ecology and energy transition strategy, ensuring its implementation in all of the Group's companies, and to coordinate the health, safety and environmental departments and related management systems in Feralpi companies. This will ensure compliance with strategy and legislation, and promote best practices.