This is where our products for the construction, mechanical engineering and industrial applications take shape.

Our continuous casting process turns out high-quality steel billets.

Quality and special steel billets for mechanical industry to be subsequently cold-rolled or pressed are produced by the subsidiary Acciaierie di Calvisano. 

All classes of fine-grain alloy and micro-alloy steels, with controlled sulphur content, are made using ladle furnaces and undergo rigorous chemical analyses.

Size range
Cross-section: 120 – 160 mm
Length: 2,5 – 14 m
Length tolerance:
100 mm max
Steel grades:
  • Reinforcing steels in accordance with the main international standards
  • Non-alloy steels for structural applications (carbon steels)
  • Quenching and tempering steels
  • Steels for springs
  • Steels for nuts and bolts
  • Steel for forging
  • Cementation steels
  • Surface hardening steels
  • Creep-resistant low-allow steels
  • Micro-alloy steels