Innovation, flexibility and sustainability are the core values of FERALPI STAHL’s new investment in Germany. The new rolling mill, which will be erected on the site of the Riesa plant in Saxony, has been recently presented.   Designed and installed by Danieli, the plant will be completed in 2024.

The ceremony to celebrate the first excavation also took place a few days ago: an event that officially marked the start of works.


Features of the new installation

The FERALPI STAHL’s new rolling mill will be the first with a K-Spooler in Germany and the first to produce 8-t spooled coils in the world.

This is made possible by connecting the new plant directly with the existing conticaster. The billets will be transferred directly through a 300-m induction heated roller table, instead of the conventional gas furnace, thus avoiding CO2 direct emissions.

Big Data and artificial intelligent systems will ensure the real-time connection between the existing system, thus reducing heating energy consumption and the best end product quality as a result of the dynamic regulation of the thermos-mechanical process.

Over 100 new jobs

In addition to production and environmental benefits, the new rolling mill will generate more than 100 new jobs in Saxony. FERALPI STAHL is ready to open its doors to engineers and other workers who will contribute to implementing the new production facility in Riesa.


The first excavation work

A symbolic ceremony took place a few days ago in Riesa to celebrate the first excavation work in the area where the new rolling mill will be erected. The event was attended by Michael Kretschmer, Prime Minister of Saxony, Hans Jürgen Kerkhoff, President of the German Steel Federation, Giuseppe Pasini, President of the Feralpi Group and Eng. Giacomo Danieli-Mareschi, CEO of Danieli &C. Officine Meccaniche S.p.A.

New Rolling Mill

When, in 1992, we took over the Riesa plant - commented Giuseppe Pasini, President of the Feralpi Group – we knew we were facing a major challenge demanding a lot of energy. There was no lack of vision, determination and even courage. Indeed, we went far beyond expectations, laying the foundations for what, over the years, has proved to be a real shared success not only for Feralpi, but also for the people and the entire community in which we have been welcomed and have grown. This would not have been possible if we had not immediately found people in Riesa who were true to their manufacturing tradition, proud to work and collaborate in a steel mill. Today we are celebrating the start of works that will result in a major new investment, that will lead FERALPI STAHL to strengthen its position in the construction steel market and become a major player on the competitive scenario in coming years. For the steel industry in Italy and the rest of Europe, the upcoming challenges are to be sustainable through the green and energy transition”. And FERALPI STAHL is investing precisely along these guidelines in the interest of the new generations as well.