A futuristic design combining nature, technology and beauty - and doing it with a solid steel base bearing the name Presider. By 2025 Monaco will have a new residential district spanning 6 hectares, with cultural, recreational and spacious Mediterranean garden areas. The name “Mareterra” is inspired by the two complementary elements of the project - the sea and the land.

Defined as a celebration of the Mediterranean spirit, it has been designed to fit perfectly within the profile of the coastline, and be viewed as a natural extension of the area. It has involved some of architecture's leading names, such as Renzo Piano and Denis Valode, and the landscape designer Michel Desvigne.

Mareterra - the steel core made of preshaped Presider solutions

The works extending into the sea in the Anse du Portier district are positioned on 18 prefabricated floating caissons that were completed in 2019. These constitute a belt bordering the area 500 metres long, and are placed at a depth of 20 metres on a mound below the sea, created specially with 400,000 m3 of sand extracted to the north of Sicily. Each caisson weighs approximately 24,000 tonnes overall.

The steel core of these caissons is formed with framework assembled for foundation piles made especially by Presider, which processed and supplied over 7000 tonnes of Feralpi steel.

“Contributing to this endeavour with our steel was technologically challenging, but it's also exciting to see how people's ideas take shape, and how we can be an integral part of a project that combines innovation with sustainability.”
Pietro Pirlo, MD Presider Spa

Mareterra project data

Location: Monte Carlo – Principality of Monaco

Area: 6 hectares

Material: assembled framework for foundation piles

Steel (tonnes): approx. 7,000

Group company: Presider

Work completion: 2025

Customer: S.A.M. Sogefon

Planner: Valode & Pistre Architectes, Renzo Piano with his Renzo Piano Building Workshop and the company Paesaggistica di Michel Desvigne.

 For info: https://mareterra.com/en/