The reasons why lots of people choose to cycle nowadays are varied. In current times some people don't want to travel abroad, preferring instead to explore Germany by bicycle. Others want to avoid buses and trains so travel by bicycle.

The latest electric bicycles offer a completely new freedom, and enable cyclists to cover distances and reach destinations previously deemed unthinkable. Feralpi's offer in Riesa therefore came at just the right time. Some employees had already contacted the HR department to find out about bicycles, so the fact that there was some interest was already known. This was also the reason that the topic became included in collective negotiations. However, the purchase of 115 bicycles in the first two months of the year was a surprise to everybody.

Moreover, the possibility of obtaining tax relief for the purchase of a bicycle and not having to pay the total amount in one payment, was for many employees a big incentive in choosing two wheels. The bicycles can easily be managed through an online platform.

It was also important for the bicycles not just to be used to commute, but also to be enjoyed in people's leisure time. In the case of an electric bicycle though, this is only possible if the partners of employees also have access to one. As a result, each employee has been able to lease two bicycles.

There is a wide range of bicycles available, from city bikes through to high-end carbon road bikes. There are also mountain bikes for tackling mountain trails, and tourist bikes for travelling long distances. Each employee can choose a bicycle that meets their requirements, without being restricted to specific makes or models. Local Riesa retailers are also delighted with the new Feralpi initiative, which has meant that we are indirectly supporting them, even though they are extremely busy at the moment thanks to the new craze!