Nuova Defim has taken over the Spanish company, one of the leading manufacturer of wire and strip for the logistics industry
The three key drivers are internationalisation, verticalization and business enhancement


Internationalisation, verticalization, and production and business enhancement. These are the main key reasons that led Nuova Defim, a Feralpi Group company, to the acquisition of Saexpa. 

With two production plants, in Barcelona and Ripoll, Saexpa is specialized in solutions for the logistics industry and, more specifically, in automated shelving for vertical storage and warehousing solutions, a rapidly developing sector driven by growing investments in modern distribution and e-commerce trends. Founded in 1985, Saexpa - which now employs 77 people - has been steadily increasing its market share in Europe, with a turnover of over 16 million euros in 2021. Highly export-oriented, it serves customers in nearly 30 countries.
The agreement signed on 19 April is an opportunity for Nuova Defim not only to develop internationally and to verticalize its presence in this highly profit-oriented sector, but also to enhance and optimise its industrial know-how in synergy with Saexpa's expertise and its highly customised products and services.

Deloitte acted as financial advisor on the transaction, while Buigas assisted the Feralpi Group as legal consultant. 

«With this move – explains Giovanni Pasini, Feralpi Group Executive Director and Nuova Defim Chairman – the Feralpi Group is enhancing its own diversified product business unit in line with its industrial plan, which includes optimizing the product mix, maximizing market share and strengthening customer service level. Each of these three objectives are on target with the acquisition of Saexpa through Nuova Defim.” 

 «With Saexpa – highlights Alberto Messaggi, Nuova Defim CEO – we’re taking a decisive step towards internationalisation under the name of quality. Saexpa is an excellence in its sector - logistics and shelving - and is a recognised leader in terms of products and services. And that's not all: we can now expand our product range and find a stronger manufacturing structure that can generate new business opportunities as well, through technical solutions in response to customer needs.
Saexpa and Nuova Defim are quite similar because they are both very flexible, work with a high level of customisation and can rely on complementary, technologically advanced, high-capacity plant assets.”

«For Saexpa, this deal means aiming straight at the future» as emphasized by the founders of Saexpa, Jordi Poblet and Gregorio Royo, who will continue to be part of the company’s management team. «Thanks to Nuova Defim and the Feralpi Group, Saexpa will now be stronger. The project we set up and developed has greater energy to meet new challenges.”

The management of Nuova Defim and Saexpa after the signing of the acquisition.
From left: Camillo De Massis (Growth and Innovation Director Nuova Defim), Laia Poblet (Organization Director Saexpa), Jordi Poblet (Founder & General Manager Saexpa), Giovanni Pasini (Chairman Nuova Defim), Gregorio Royo (Production Manager Saexpa) e Alberto Messaggi (CEO Nuova Defim) 

Il management di Nuova Defim e Saexpa