Extraordinary measures are required to stem the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic. Italy, in particular Lombardy, reacted promptly by adopting strong but necessary actions to slow down the spread of the virus.

Feralpi not only immediately activated the preventive measures indicated by the Ministerial Decrees aimed at protecting the health of both its employees and visitors, but voluntarily chose to implement even more stringent measures aimed at contributing to the containment of the risks of potentially spreading the Covid-19 virus.

Despite not having found cases of Covid-19 among the employees to date, Feralpi Siderurgica – in agreement with trade union organizations – has decided to suspend industrial activity in the Lonato del Garda plant starting next Monday 16 March, excluding a minimum staff presence for those functions that are necessary to ensure the site’s security.

The situations in the other plants present on the national territory – where a rigid health protocol is always active – will be assessed individually in order to adopt specific measures.

In compliance with governmental decrees and in agreement with the Unions for the protection of health, Feralpi is committed to designing new organisational and technical business activity models to encourage the fastest return to full productivity as possible.