Participation and sharing. Based on this assumption, and with a commitment to making our business increasingly sustainable, the Feralpi Group has joined the United Nations Global Compact Network (UNGC), becoming a “Founding Member” of the Italian network (Global Compact Network Italy).

Feralpi takes now part of an important and extensive global network that already includes over 18,000 companies from over 173 countries around the world. One of its missions is to activate actions and partnerships at national level to achieve the Sustainable Development Objectives of Agenda 2030, requiring bodies and companies to support the fundamental principles of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption in order to create an economic, social and environmental framework based on a healthy and sustainable economy that guarantees that all citizens can fully enjoy its benefits.

But what’s the story of the Global Compact? During the World Economic Forum in Davos, former UN Secretary Kofi Annan invited the leaders of the world economy to sign a “Global Compact” with the United Nations in order to create close cooperation to solve the most critical global problems. In July 2000, the creation of the UN Global Compact was formalized, followed in 2002 by the establishment of the GCNI.