We have voluntarily signed up to the Sodalitas Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work, involving another 800 businesses of various sizes and government departments.

Our signature constitutes a declaration of intent to develop a corporate culture with inclusive policies, which is free from prejudice and discrimination and is able to appreciate talent in its many diverse forms.

We do not permit any type of discrimination, and we work to ensure equal opportunities for everyone, with the aim of becoming an increasingly inclusive and unique organisation. 4 pillars guide this aspiration:



Global culture
Gender balance
Inclusive leadership
Collective responsibility

Everything that we do reminds us that we are all human beings, unique in our diversity, and it is only together that we can effect change that is real, effective and, above all, global.

An internal Working Party has been established in 2021, with the aim of training different people at each of the Group's sites, who will understand and be aware of the topic, and will work to ensure its promotion internally. Awareness is the starting point for driving change.