Everything starts from a challenge.

The challenge to be better every day

However, to be better, we must clearly understand our objectives, our identity, and our values... 


Our mission is to be among the international leaders in the steel industry, setting standards of excellence in the field through technological innovation, sustainability, and talent development. 



To produce and grow with respect for humanity and the environment. 


Value proposition

To produce the best steel for construction and mechanics in the most sustainable way possible, contributing to the economic and social progress of communities, enhancing the value of the region, and ensuring the well-being of our workers. We are committed to transitioning towards more inclusive, efficient, and low-impact development models. 

Fighting climate change


Sustainability is a fundamental element in our vision, mission, and strategic foundations.

Feralpi Group's sustainability strategy is built on seven pillars and is based on a holistic approach that places it at the core of business processes, from strategic planning to operational management, from investment allocation to risk analysis and management.

  • Contribute to the reduction of consumption and impacts
  • Multiply the uses of materials
  • Care, safety, and enhancement of people
  • Work culture and education of new generations 
  • Inclusion and regional development
  • Ethical business management


Industrial commitment
Impegno industriale
  • Product and service quality

Feralpi is committed to integrating the principles of environmental, social, and economic sustainability into its daily activities, aiming to create long-term shared value for its stakeholders, minimize environmental impacts, and significantly contribute to the well-being of the communities in which it operates.




We've said it; it's a challenge.

To do this, we need strategies, objectives, and commitments.

  • Fighting Climate Change and Resource Consumption

    Environmentally, Feralpi is committed to fighting climate change and reducing its environmental impact through a decarbonization strategy aimed at decreasing direct and indirect CO2 emissions in line with the Paris Agreement to keep temperatures within 2°C. This involves constant improvement of its energy mix by increasing the percentage of renewable energies and investing in solutions to enhance energy efficiency and increase the amount of waste directed for recovery.


  • The great challenge of skill development

    To fulfill its industrial commitment, the Group's focus is now on people's skills: on one hand, Feralpi is working to enhance internal resources through re-skilling and up-skilling paths related to the investment plan; on the other hand, it is acquiring talents from the market with the goal of strengthening competencies already present in the Group.

    Simultaneously, efforts are being made to enhance the long-term sustainability of the business through the definition of a succession plan.


  • Comparability, Automation, and Processes

    The key objective that the Group is pursuing in terms of financial and non-financial communication is to achieve the best market standards: on one side, transitioning towards international accounting principles, and on the other, complying with all sustainable development regulations, even on a voluntary basis.

    The commitment, especially in ESG terms, is reaffirmed in the drafting of cross-cutting internal policies and in aligning the company with the best international practices.


Strategic Investments 

To change, we need to invest. 

The main directions of our investment focus on:

economic and energy efficiency

with the company Feralpi Power On

the product range and increasing production capacity

with the new rolling mill at the Riesa plant in Germany


production and commercial flexibility.

This is just a part of our investments.

There is much more in our journey towards the future.



The goals of our journey lead us to determine actions aimed at creating new opportunities.

For us and for those who are part of our organization. 


Our actions aim to:

Contribuite to decarbonization

Improve circularity 

Through innovation and digitalization

Including people

  • Decarbonization

    Feralpi Group has embraced the challenges of decarbonization, committing to the process of ecological and energy transition towards lower-impact models. In 2022, the mapping of existing and upcoming environmental impact projects at all Group plants was carried out, identifying over 100 active projects in this area.


    We have implemented a multi-year strategy for mitigating climate change, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the provisions of the Paris Agreement and European objectives on the subject. Feralpi commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through investments aimed at reducing direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2 and 3) emissions.

    The identified solutions will include the autonomous production of electricity through photovoltaic plants, the electrification of industrial processes, and the adoption of technologies capable of zeroing or significantly reducing the net greenhouse gas emissions generated by the Group's production processes (such as biomethane and hydrogen).


    At the end of 2022, Feralpi Group initiated the process of joining the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), an initiative that provides companies with guidelines, criteria, and tools to set and validate ambitious and science-based climate goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions not only in their own activities but also along the entire value chain.

  • Circularity

    Feralpi organizes processes and plants to minimize production residues, landfill disposals, and the movement of raw materials, investing in their substitution and circularity. The production process of Feralpi is, by its nature, circular: circularity consists of producing steel from scrap, thus avoiding the dispersion of waste in the environment and reducing the consumption of natural raw materials that would otherwise be needed.

    The steel produced by Feralpi consists of 96% recycled material: this data has been subjected to validation by a third party, with positive results in the checks of the percentage content of recycled material of origin according to the indications of the standard UNI EN ISO 14021.

    The steel production process is continuously evolving. We apply innovative solutions aimed at reusing waste materials from other supply chains, such as the valorization of plastic waste, which is too often dispersed in the environment and slowly deteriorating.

    Among our activities are:

    • Recovery and reuse in the production cycle of spent refractories instead of raw material.
    • Recovery of dust and fumes to reduce the demand for mineral zinc.
    • Slag recovery to replace natural origin materials in the construction sector.
    • Heat recovery for the generation of clean energy.
    • Recovery of rolling scale to replace iron ore in the construction supply chain.
    • Sludge recovery.
    • Recovery of non-ferrous metals from scrap selection.
  • Innovation and digitalization

    For Feralpi, innovation is the engine of development, an indispensable component of its corporate strategy for inclusive and sustainable industrialization.


    The continuous trend towards technical-plant development aimed at the development of predictive technologies and automation, especially for special steels, is an essential condition for Feralpi to be efficient at the production level, to constantly reduce its environmental impacts, and to improve industrial performance. 

    At the base of this approach are the BAT (Best Available Techniques), the set of the most advanced technical solutions (plant, management, and control) that are economically and technically viable in the relevant industrial sector.

    The use of Industry 4.0 technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data, are indeed functional to monitor and optimize energy consumption, CO emissions, and the reuse of materials apparently at the end of life

  • Inclusion

    Feralpi operates in line with the International Charter of Human Rights, the fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Guidelines of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for Multinational Enterprises, and the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and in respect of the principles and values referred to in the Group's Code of Ethics.


This is only part of our journey. 

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