Feralpi, an international diversified group

The Feralpi Group is a leading steel manufacturer in Europe and specialises in the production of steels for the construction industry.

The parent company, Feralpi Siderurgica, was set up in 1968 in Lonati del Garda (Brescia), and continuous development has resulted in a Group which currently produces over two million tonnes of steel and rolled products annually, with more than 1500 permanent employees in Italy, Europe and North Africa.

In fifty years of business, the company has expanded into foreign markets and met the challenges of an increasingly global iron and steel industry
With a background in the iron and steel industry, the business has developed by diversifying into new products and markets through external and internal expansion, thanks to the takeover of numerous other businesses.

The Feralpi Group also deals with special steels, cold working, structural steelwork, the environment and fish farming, in addition to financial services and the management of shareholdings.
From the start Feralpi has focused not only on producing the best construction steel, but has also striven to do so in the most sustainable way possible, reducing energy consumption and emissions by using the best technologies available or patenting new solutions resulting from extensive research and innovation.

Highlights 2019

Turnover: 1,302 billion euros
Turnover abroad: 63%
Technical investments: 54,5 million euros
EBITDA: 125,1 million euros
Total shareholders’ equity: 509,5 million euros

Total grosso value added: 219,4 million euros
Net value for the stakeholders: 166 million euros
Employees: 1570
Charitable donations to local communities: 6,5 million euros

Steel production: 2,49 million tons​
Hot rolled production: 2,26 million tons
Cold rolled production and derivates: 1,1 million tons

The Corporate Social Responsibility as a conscious choice

The figures underpin three crucial elements in the history of the Feralpi Group, contained in the motto of the founder, Carlo Pasini: “Working and developing while respecting humankind and the environment”, and these are responsibility, safety and innovation.

Every choice when doing business and dealing with stakeholders is therefore inspired by the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Feralpi not only measures company performance using financial criteria, but also in relation to helping to safeguard the environment and the social framework in which the Group’s companies are situated and operate. As a result, a sustainability report is produced every two years in the spirit of full transparency and open dialogue with the numerous stakeholders.

Relationships with internal and external points of contact are governed by a special code of ethics, which Feralpi views as the main benchmarking tool for promoting, circulating and managing ethical practices in the company.

Core business – Steel production

The Feralpi Group specialises in the production of construction steel for an international market that stretches from Europe to North Africa. The steel production sites are in Italy and, since 1992, in Germany with Feralpi Stahl, in addition to other factories in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The core business involves the production of rebar in the form of bars and coils, in addition to wire rod. The traditional steel range is complete with the production of wire rod products i.e. drawn products, electrowelded mesh (standard and to size), pylons, spacers and profiles.

Following the acquisition of Caleotto S.p.A. and Arlenico S.p.A. in 2015, the Group’s production range now includes wire rod made of special steels for use in drawing mills.
Furthermore, the associate company Co.Ge.Me Steel produces rolled steel products for enclosures, parapets, handrails and architectural features for furnishing accessories in general.

In 2016 Feralpi took over the steelworks premises at Via Brescia in Nave, which have been renamed Feralpi Profilati Nave, where rolled steel angles, U profiles, T profiles and special profiles are produced.

In September 2016, verticalisation progressed further with the creation of Alpifer – a holding based in Piacenza with Feralpi Siderurgica and Groupfer holding equal shares. Groupfer transferred 100% of Unifer SpA with premises in Piacenza and Ceprano (Frosinone) and Steelfer Srl (Collecchio, Parma). Alpifer provides the Italian and global markets with high-quality electrowelded mesh and lattice frames thanks to a supply chain with strict control of raw materials through to the end phases.

Not just steel

Feralpi represents more than ‘standard’ steel for the building trade. With its subsidiary Nuova Defim Orsogril the Group can offer the national and international market mesh, gratings and fencing, and the production and installation of pre-shaped round bars and structural steelwork through Presider, Presider Armatures and Metallurgica Piemontese Lavorazioni.

Beyond Europe with Feralpi Algérie

As a result of significant investment by the Algerian government in infrastructure, Algeria has become a net importer of construction steel, something which Feralpi identified at the beginning.
In a context where internationalisation is a growth asset, the commercial company Feralpi Algérie was set up in 2013, with its headquarters in Orano.

Certifications, marks and awards

Increasing production volumes and researching new markets is not the company’s only objective, the Feralpi Group is also committed to production practices and corporate governance based on quality and transparency, which is illustrated by accreditation that exceeds the requirements of legislation.
On themes of safety and environmental issues, the Group’s compliance with the best performance ratings has been endorsed continually.

The latest recognition was achieved by Feralpi Siderurgica in December 2014, with the endorsement of the Eco Management Audit Scheme (EMAS) environmental statement by TÜV, the German product approval body, and ARPA, the Italian Environmental Protection Agency.

This represents the most prestigious environmental certification awarded, and demonstrates a wholehearted voluntary commitment to evaluating and improving the company’s environmental efficiency ratings and providing all stakeholders with comprehensive transparent information on correct environmental management.

Feralpi Siderurgica was the first company in Italy to achieve EMAS certification for the full scope of steel processing operations. Feralpi Stahl also achieved this accolade in 2012.

Feralpi Siderurgica has also been awarded the European SustSteel trademark, attesting to the company’s efforts in employing principles of sustainable development.

This commitment is also demonstrated with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), the ICMQ – Eco Gold certification, which defines a product’s level of eco-sustainability, and the Recycled Content Certification (99%), indicating the amount of steel reused in the melting process at the end of its lifetime.

These awards sit alongside certification for the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001), and the Quality System for compliance with EU 333/2011 regulations, which were designed to create transparency in the management of scrap metal by ensuring process traceability and scrap quality.

Also worth noting is that in 2013 the Feralpi Group was awarded the prestigious Sodalitas Social Award as a result of implementing the Towards Zero Accidents scheme for Acciaierie di Calvisano.  This project aims at minimising the risk of injury in the steelworks and applies to all employees, from factory operators through to top management.

Furthermore, the creation of a safety warden elected by the employees has fostered a sense of personal responsibility, and facilitated the distribution and sharing of knowledge on safety issues.

Employee wellbeing

Providing quality employment and training, ensuring high levels of safety, and considering not only financial welfare but also physical and mental wellbeing, are just some of the aspects that reflect Feralpi Group’s attitude to corporate social responsibility.

One of the initiatives within this framework is Feralpi Bootcamp, which brings together projects designed for young people and outlines various schemes. These range from guidance for those not yet on a set educational route right through to high-level training, alternating work and education, which is the best method for developing new specialists due to the sharing of knowledge gained by several experts.

Furthermore, in October 2013 the Feralpi Group was one of the first companies in Lombardy to support the European WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) project to promote health and safety in the workplace, which was created to support companies wanting to invest in employee health and wellbeing.

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