The Feralpi Group is among Europe’s leading manufacturers of construction steel and boasts an international diversified organisational structure. If you are interested in joining our organisation, you can log onto this section and apply to job opportunities. If there are no positions of interest or in line with your profile, you can send us your CV using the open application.


Qualification: Upper secondary school certificate, preferably from a technical institute (e.g. ITIS), with specialisation as electrical and electronic engineer.

At least 5 years’ experience in electrical maintenance
Ability to read wiring diagrams
Knowledge of low/medium-voltage electrical systems
Knowledge of AC and DC motors
Knowledge of PCs
Knowledge of PLCs and their operation
Basic knowledge of automated systems (photocells, proximity sensors, encoders, etc.)
Ability to work in a team
Troubleshooting skills
Willingness to work shifts

Catchment area: within a 30-km range of Lonato


Lower secondary school certificate
Basic knowledge of hydraulics and pneumatics
Basic knowledge of and ability to use the main wire welding and electrowelding techniques
Basic ability to in oxy-acetylene welding (use of cutting torches)
Knowledge of and ability to use the main measuring systems used in mechanics (meters, gauges, micrometers, etc.)
Knowledge of the type of work tools used in mechanics
Knowledge of the main units of measurement for pressure, temperature, etc.
Knowledge of thread types and nuts and bolts in general
Optional skills:

Basic knowledge of information systems
Ability to read mechanical drawings
Ability to use machine tools for mechanical operations (e.g. conventional lathe and milling machine)


Technical diploma
Knowledge of hydraulics and fluid dynamics
At least 5 years’ work experience in a steel mill or metal working factory
Good knowledge of hydraulic components such as:
– tanks
– pumps
– distributors
– actuators (cylinders, hydraulic motors)
– valves (pressure, flow control, stop and proportional valves, servovalves)
– filters and filtration systems
– accumulators
– excellent knowledge and ability to interpret hydraulic system diagrams
– basic knowledge of mechanics and electronics

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