For the Feralpi Group, safety is a basic principle of social responsibility towards its employees, which explains why a series of initiatives have been launched in recent years to enhance safety in the workplace. One clear example of this approach is the Towards Zero Injuries programme launched at Acciaierie di Calvisano in 2012 and adopted by Feralpi Siderurgica the following year.

The goal is to minimise the number of accidents, and it can be pursued gradually, not only by investing in the most advanced technology with the support of the Group’s experience and research, but also by involving the “human factor”, which remains a decisive element in achieving the highest safety standards.

In particular, the aim was to stimulate individual responsibility and extend it to the team dimension, where everyone is responsible for the safety of others as well.

This led to the creation of the “Safety Tutor”, a person chosen by employees for their safety in the workplace, whose role is to assist the supervisor in promoting a culture of safety through good communication and relational skills, and fostering the correct dissemination of safety knowledge and awareness across the company.

In addition to greater involvement of employees, which leads to higher satisfaction and improved wellbeing, there was a decline in the number of accidents reported in the period following the months in which the programme was implemented.

Based on the excellent results achieved, the Towards Zero Injuries programme received on 24 May 2013 the prestigious Sodalitas Social Award in the category “individual growth and work protection”.

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