immagine pagina interna sito640In presenting the 2018 edition of the Sustainability Report, I would like to emphasise its significance for the company’s 50th anniversary.
Feralpi now has a profile that the founders could never have imagined when they made a logistical and technological leap in an Italy that was experiencing an economic miracle. Producing steel from scrap has become a much more complex process, which entails continuous innovation and involves an increasing number of stakeholders in a network of hardware and software relationships. Roles and skills now differ greatly, and have reached a level of sophistication that has been driven by technological development increasingly focusing on quality and environmental impact.
In this transformation Feralpi has benefited from incremental and progressive innovation. This innovation has transpired with small, but continuous, steps, even though Industry 4.0 applications have made a significant discontinuity leap in recent years.
Feralpi now operates on a global market, and exports a product that was designed for local consumption to three continents.
The company has come out of a major recession having been strengthened by market challenges, thanks to innovation and founding values that have always been consistent in terms of commitment to people and the environment. Prospects for the coming years are based on these values: increasing company presence on the market, consolidating diversification, integrating the value chain and adapting governance to the increasing complexity of the Group and changing property requirements.
Aware of the challenges ahead as inhabitants of our planet, Feralpi has taken ownership of the proposal by The General Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria) to develop initiatives geared to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, both in company business operations and relationships with stakeholders. To this effect, the company is committed to the radical application of the circular economy, thanks to the intrinsic potential of steel, the promotion of a fair, sustainable and responsible industry through working closely with reference communities, the development of a good quality of life with technological and social innovation, and the adoption of measures to combat climate change with the application of new technologies. We want to participate in the increasing sensitivity towards the environment and quality of life, not just because these objectives are consistent with our value system, but also because we feel that in years to come it will no longer be possible to do business in the traditional way.
The Sustainability Report I am inviting you to read shows the results of Feralpi’s social and environmental commitment. We are proud of these results, which are due to the collective effort of many people, who have supported the overall business at different levels and with various skills, sharing its values and strategies.
Enjoy the read.
Giuseppe Pasini




Innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities, responsible consumption and production, fight against climate change.

Approach (PDF)


We give priority to continuous quality improvement, circular economy, anticipating innovation and investing in OH&S and the environment.

Group and business (PDF)


As envisaged by the Global Reporting Initiative, we identify the issues relevant to sustainability strategy, management and reporting.

Material topics (PDF)


Feralpi has identified six areas of intervention to support projects and initiatives involving the geographical area and local communities..

Communities (PDF)



We have signed up the Governance Model of the Italian association of non-listed family-owned businesses (Aidaf), which promotes the development of a modern governance system.

Governance (PDF)


The environmental results are evaluated periodically and compared with the objectives and KPIs set out by annual and medium-term plans of our Group.

Environmental management (PDF)


Five main lines: recruitment, training and development, remuneration and performance assessment, industrial relations and personnel welfare and health and safety in the workplace.

HR management (PDF)


The quality of materials is our priority: becoming a supplier and being a partner means ensuring high levels of legal and environmental standards compliance.

Supply chain management (PDF)




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