Steel for building construction

Presider is the company taken over by Feralpi Siderurgica that bears witness to the Group’s ability to verticalise production into downstream sectors and approach target markets. With its four production plants, the company supplies specialised products for the building construction industry in Italy and abroad.

With latest-technology equipment, and a high level of automation and computerisation, Presider can supply and install pre-shaped reinforcing steel in bar and welded mesh in standard sizes and to measure, as well as designing, making and installing preassembled elements, such as framework for poles, columns,  diaphragms, blocks for TBMs (Tunnel-Boring Machines), curbs, plinths and any type and size of reinforcing elements.

Presider can also develop technical solutions to speed up on-site production processes, according to its delivery schedules and customer requirements, using advanced BIM (Building Information Modelling) software.
The four production plants are located in Borgaro Torinese, near Turin, Maclodio, near Brescia, Pomezia, near Rome, and Paris, amounting to a total a surface area of 73,000 m2.


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