New Feralpi Group governance model

A step forward in managing company processes. It is from this perspective that the Feralpi Group is proceeding in the development of its business areas. Currently, as at 1 July, the organisation is split into two divisions – one dedicated to steel for the building construction industry, in Italy and Germany, and another specialist division for special steels and diverse products.

These divisions have the same number of business units related to a specific product-market combination at a geographic level, with the aim of guaranteeing a new internal organisation that operates and communicates more effectively and satisfactorily.

This more streamlined and straightforward setup will ensure development which is more vertical, and transpires from company departments tasked with drawing up guidelines and providing services for the entire Group. The organisational structure will be clearer, tighter and arranged by market type, with business units that have different strategic and operational requirements for a specific competing area, and therefore more decision-making autonomy.

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