Metallurgica Piemontese Lavorazioni

Metallurgica Piemontese Lavorazioni (MPL) is a company specialising in the field of metal structural work.

In the space of a few years, this young, dynamic company has managed to become a leading partner for designers, for the major Italian metal structural work companies and for the most important building and construction enterprises. MPL is equipped with modern FICEP systems for profile cutting, drilling and notching the entire range of rolled girders (HEA, HEB, HEM, IPE, INP, UNP) with a cross section of up to 1000 mm, available from stock in 24 m lengths; on customer request, the company can also supply welded, studded, sand-blasted, painted and galvanized beams.

A full range of L-sections in commercial sizes, cut to measure and drilled is also available from the spacious warehouse. The logistics division guarantees on-time delivery throughout Italy, along with an efficient and capillary network of sales agents.
A skilled team of engineers at the in-house design office develop appropriate solutions and provide technical advice to customers in the industry.


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  Strada Settima, 5
10098 Rivoli (TO)
  (+39) 011 238.76.11
  (+39) 011 25406.78
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