Feralpi hosts the second stage of the school-work alternation programme

Monday sees the alternation between school and work at Feralpi go from strength to strength. The vision of the Group, which makes theoretical and practical training a focus of its business strategy, is enshrined in the second phase of the programme.

It gives ten young people from the fourth class of high school the chance to join the company and “experience first-hand” what they have learned in their theoretical lessons in the classroom. The programme is carried out in partnership with the Institute IIS Cerebotani Lonato with which Feralpi has established long-standing cooperation.

The programme, created to boost the necessary activities of alternating school and work and sharing basic skills which are already applicable to the steel industry, is based on dozens of hours divided into three periods (from 22nd June to 17th July) and structured around various topics such as safety, which is increasingly crucial, specific training within the steel industry, and the development of inter-departmental skills.

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