Green investments: a 20-million euro ‘green’ loan for Feralpi

Innovation has a green heart, even in steel-focused finance.

The Feralpi Group is the first steel manufacturer in Italy to obtain a ‘green’ loan for 20 million euro to finance sustainable investment.

The finance is made available by BNL-BNP Paribas Group, and combines business development with environmental sustainability. This type of loan comes with conditions linked to specific sustainability indexes that are measured and monitored. If these are achieved, the finance becomes more competitive for companies. In particular, a reduction in spread is envisaged as a result of the Group further lowering greenhouse gas emissions in the next five years.

The finance is designed to support capital expenditure to increase efficiency and lower consumption. It is therefore closely linked to Feralpi’s commitment to continually reduce its environmental impact in line with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), which have underpinned the company’s development strategy.

Not only does the arrangement attest to the company’s commitment and awareness of its responsibility, it is also a clear sign that the availability of green finance and a structured offering is an accelerator of sustainable development“, explains Alberto Messaggi, the Feralpi Group CFO. “Supporting a company’s commitment, including financially, to focus on its environmental performance is a concrete sign of progress. We trust that the guidelines that focus on this model, which have also been supported in recent announcements by the Italian government, can be consolidated to quickly permeate businesses.”

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