The Feralpi Group considers managerial training a key factor in determining its competitiveness. It encompasses everything supporting a series of managerial skills, qualities and abilities, in terms of specific internal phenomena and also external trends and best practices.

In general, managerial training provides the means to handle internal complexities, and develop the skills required to run the company and improve the team and its technical and financial resources in line with Feralpi’s mission and values.


The Feralpi Group is involved in the Executive Master’s Degree in Industrial Maintenance Management, an initiative promoted jointly by the Milan Polytechnic Business School (MIP) and Bergamo University.
The maintenance of corporate assets has long been recognised as one of the key elements for maintaining and improving the competitiveness of a business. In recent years, however, the increasing complexity of technological systems, new productivity, quality and flexibility requirements displayed by businesses, increasing focus on safety and environmental protection, and maintenance costs are all factors which, in a global context, have created new challenges for the maintenance service.


The Feralpi Group also participates in the Business Management and Innovation Master  programme, entitled “skills to create value in a competitive  market”, which is held at ISFOR 2000 (Italian Institute for Training and Research) as part of a framework agreement entered into between Brescia University and the Brescian Industrialists’ Association, the aim being to hold post-graduate and post-experience training courses.

The  Master programme is intended to support the professional growth and training of employees with a high potential, by focusing on the needs in the area of business strategy, management and control.

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