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Feralpi Siderurgica is a leading manufacturer of reinforcing steel in bar, smooth and ribbed wire rod, recoiled, drawn and welded wire, in Italy and other European markets.

It is equipped with high-tech systems for cutting up and shredding scrap and for the sorting of ferrous materials, which are delivered by road or rail.

The steel mill uses “mini-mills” electric-arc furnace technology for treating molten steel in ladles and the continuous casting of steel billets that feed downstream rolling mills in real time. The parent company has decided to adopt a responsible and sustainable approach in its production and development processes.

The adjacent location offers a huge advantage in terms of energy saving. The plant turns out rebar meeting various national and international specifications, diameter 8-40mm and length 5.20 – 26m. Production using the so-called bi- or tri-slitting method is a guarantee of high output.
Rolling mill 2 produces rebar diameter 8-14mm and length 5.50 – 20 m, at a high finishing speed, using the same slitting procedure.
The same plant also produces reinforcing steel in coils and wire rod diameter 5-16mm on a finishing line featuring a 10-stand high-speed unit with a delivery speed of over 100 m/sec.

Feralpi Siderurgica leads the way in terms of technology, patents and quality certification, and has always boasted excellent management of the relations between human resources and the surrounding environment. The company is also committed to research and development for reducing atmospheric emissions and limiting energy consumption.


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Lonato del Garda (BRESCIA)
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