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Feralpi Logistik GmbH provides transport services in synergy with Feralpi Stahlhandel GmbH. Founded in 2008, the company delivers products made by Elbe-Drahtwerk Feralpi and Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi to national and international markets.  The rapid market success of this company is the result of the use of latest-generation equipment, and its own fleet of modern vehicles. It offers a flexible service that is tailored to specific customer requirements.
Like all the companies in the Feralpi Group, environmental protection is a key element that also involves logistics. As part of its policy, lorry tractors comply with the emission standards set by the Euro 5 rules, thus contributing to reinforcing Feralpi Group’s  guiding principles, which are geared to sustainability

Contact us

Michael Engelhardt
Logistic coordinator
  (+49) 3525 749-243
  (+49) 3525 749-119

Heike Petrick
Logistic coordinator
  (+49) 3525 749-187
  (+49) 3525 749-119

Ralf Schilling
Managing director
  (+49) 3525 749-220
  (+49) 3525 749-119

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