The Feralpi Group has two branches in Hungary, one in Ozd and one Csepel, an island in the Danube in the urban part of Budapest.
Feralpi Hungária produces electrowelded mesh and processed products for the Hungarian building industry. Proof of the company’s ability to meet various market requirements is the fact that it possesses conformity certificates for Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Romania, and is currently seeking certification for the Croatian market.

Contact us:

Address: H-1211 Budapest, Terelõ u. 10.
Csepel gyártelep
Loading portal: H-1211 Központi út 2.

Plant manager:
Tárnai Gábor
E-mail: tarnai.gabor@feralpi.hu

Mail address: H-1751 Budapest Pf. 93
Phone: (+36-1) 427-08-77
Fax: (+36-1) 427-08-78

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