Feralpi Greenstone has obtained the EPD

A new certification for Feralpi Group’s products. The Greenstone, i.e. the by-product resulting from the recovery of black slag, has obtained the Environmental Product Declaration, better known as EPD. This voluntary certification scheme is a means to disclose information relating to the environmental performance of products (or services).


The term EPD refers to the analysis of the product life cycle based on a life cycle assessment (LCA). This research determines the consumption of resources (materials, water, energy) and the impact on the environment at different phases of product life cycle. All the findings must fall within environmental parameters that are analysed and certified by an independent entity.


The Greenstone is one of the examples of circular economy resulting from the Group’s production activity. Feralpi’s commitment to the environment has led to the development of different projects over the years.  The recovery of black slag is part of the sustainable development goals the Group has set itself (SDG 12).

Find out more about Feralpi’s commitment to comply with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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