Feralpi Group has officially adopted the Corporate Governance Code for unlisted, family-owned companies.
This kind of commitment implies a modern system of governance granting significant benefits to all stakeholders, in particular to managers and employees, customers and suppliers, banks and lenders, such as to shareholders who are not involved in the company management.

Following the governance principles of unlisted, family-owned companies plays a strategic role for the setting-up of an advanced corporate governance system, and it creates a right balance between mandates
and responsibilities within the company’s governance bodies.

In family-owned companies, an efficient governance system gives the family the opportunity to develop a clear vision of the future and, at the same time, it allows the management (familiar and unfamiliar) to
achieve this perspective using the best resources available in the market.

The Code contains information and specific rules regarding the Board of Directors, the Shareholders’ Meeting, the Chairman and the Managing Director, as well as related parties and Statutory Auditors.

The Corporate Governance Code Committee approved the current version of the Corporate Governance Code in October 2017.

For further details, please visit the website www.codicesocietafamiliari.it (Italian only).

ALLEGATO codice autodisciplina


Corporate Governance Code (Italian only)


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