Acciaierie di Calvisano

Founded in 1972 and located in the province of Brescia, Acciaierie di Calvisano gives substance to Feralpi Group’s diversification strategy towards high value-added markets.

The company is at the head of a supply chain that starts with billets produced using modern and efficient equipment, to encompass downstream quality wire rod with Caleotto, merchant products and round and square hot rolled bars with Feralpi Profilati Nave and CO.GE.ME Steel.

This line of development drives research and technological innovation at Acciaierie di Calvisano, where there is continued focus on producing special steels designed for rolling or moulding operations.

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It also makes quality steel billets for rolling or pressing, as well as all grades of fine-grain steel using a ladle furnace and rigorous control of the chemical composition.

In line with the group’s environmental policy, Acciaierie di Calvisano has developed significantly, especially in terms of major changes in favour of environmental protection. Vast human and financial resources have been devoted to developing a series of interventions to safeguard the environment.

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Acciaierie di Calvisano S.p.a.
Administrative offices:

  Via Carlo Nicola Pasini, 11
25017 Lonato del Garda (BS)
  (+39) 030 9996.1
  (+39) 030 9132786

Registered office:
  Via Kennedy, 101/A
25012 Calvisano (BS)
  (+39) 030 9688811
  (+39) 030 9968173


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